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Association for Business and Economics Research (ABER)


Association for Business and Economics Research (ABER) is a multi-disciplinary academic and professional organization, which focuses on promoting interdisciplinary research of both a theoretical and practical nature.  It includes scholars and practitioners from the fields of Finance, Accounting, Marketing, Management, Information Systems, Operations Management, Economics, Public Administration, Psychology, Education and other related areas.  Our goal is to broaden the expertise of business school academics and practitioners by promoting access to research and ideas in all disciplines.

Related to this, ABER will sponsor an at least an annual conference where interested academics and professionals can present their ideas and research.  These meetings will be held in late June or early July in very desirable locations.  We believe that ABER will fill a void that currently exists in this area.  We are committed to a meeting atmosphere that is high quality in terms of academic presentations as well as the hotels and facilities.  Each year the conference sights will shift geographically to accommodate our membership.  Proceedings of the conference will be published.  The association will also support Oxford Journal: An International Journal of Business & Economics (OJBE).  As the organization grows we hope to launch regional associations as our organization grows in size.

For ABER Membership, please contact Atul Gupta (Editorijbe@Yahoo.Com)